Church Lingo

Advent – The four weeks before Christmas when we prepare ourselves to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Bulletin –  A worship program with the order of events during the church service.

Chancel – The raised area in the front of the Sanctuary.

Chapel – The small room opposite the office where worship services take place.

Communion – An act of worship commemorating the “Last Supper” Jesus had with his disciples.

Doxology – A short hymn of praise.

Epiphany – January 6; commemorates the coming of the Magi to Jesus at Bethlehem.

Lent – The 40 days, not counting Sundays, between Ash Wednesday & Easter.

Narthex  – The hallway outside the sanctuary.

Pentecost – The 7th Sunday after Easter; commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles.

Pulpit – The lectern from which the minister speaks.

Sanctuary – The large room where the worship services take place.

The Interpreter –  Our monthly newsletter.

United Church of Christ – The Protestant denomination with which Dover Congregational Church is affiliated.