Welcome from Rev. Keith


Dear Friends,

While the “journey” metaphor is overused, I feel it is accurate in describing Dover United Church of Christ. We are a collection of people who walk tenderly with each other as we try and make our way as followers of Jesus.

Every journey implies leaving behind, metaphorically or literally, that which is known and familiar. The call of God summons us from easy chairs onto winding roads, rocky paths, and thorny ways. It puts into our minds a hope for new vistas, a craving for new understandings, a thirst for living life on a different plane of discovery. Here at Dover we are a path of “holy discomfort.”

Some in our congregation have “left behind” the strictures of doctrinal assent, choosing instead to practice the way of Jesus. Mature faith is always a matter of separating from inherited faith in order to truly “own” faith. In the words of Marjorie Thompson, “Each of us needs to grow out of second-hand faith to a knowledge of the way the Spirit works in our own lives.”

Others in our congregation are re-examining the traditions they first acknowledged as children, faithfully exploring those traditions again now viewed through the lens of Jesus.

We, here at Dover, can be described as a spiritual stew. Over 20 different faith traditions make up our community of faith–Congregational, Reformed, Episcopalian, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist–to name a few. We cherish these traditions; we learn about each other as we share our stories. We grow in the faith because we trust each other–that being loving is more important than being right.

How does that sound to you? You visited our website. If you are searching for a different expression of what it means to be a Christian, why not take a shot and visit us. I would love to speak with you in person.